Spirit of Compassion

One of the things I love about Punjabi culture is the richness of virtues like compassion. We are taught to respect elders, brothers and sisters, mothers, fathers and guests from a young age. Many of us actively involve children in service of to our communities and temples.  When we involve kids in acts...

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Kudos to Mr Manners

  At Metrotown Mall in Burnaby BC, Canada, I’m standing on a descending escalator. A little boy and his older brother appear to be playing tag. As I near the bottom step, the little boy darts past me at full speed completely focused on his game...

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Not So Terrible Two – Punjabi Linguist

  I was so taken aback by my robust little 2 year old nephew’s visit the other day. Diaper clad, he slowly hobbled up the stairs. As he reached the top, he placed his hands properly in a prayer position, and greeted the whole family with...

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Punjabi Prompts Promise

“Mom, can we please stop off and get something to eat?” says my daughter after her ballet class. In the plastic world we live in, of course I have minimal cash. We decide to stop off at the next bank machine to withdraw some money. Can...

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Turning Back the Clock?

  Is the Punjabi Language a low priority in the North American education system? Do you think that the North American countries should make the same commitment to foreign language programs as many European countries have? Assuming you didn't learn Punjabi at a young age, if...

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Bonding At The Beach

  Our trip this weekend to Cultas Lake British Columbia was a great bonding experience with my daughter. It was another wonderful opportunity to practice our Punjabi away from home in the super natural beauty of British Columbia. Surrounded by lush green trees, the calmness of...

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  Punjabi language website aims to teach next generation Punjabi is one of the most common South Asian languages spoken in Canada. PunjabiTeacher is a new website that aims to teach Punjabi to a legion of young Canadians and keep them in touch with their roots while...

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Radio interview on Jan 29, 2013 in Surrey BC

Radio interview on Jan 29, 2013 in Surrey BC with host of RED FM, Harjinder Singh Thind, brings to light the many challenges, experiences and solutions in raising Punjabi speaking children in predominately English speaking societies. Click here to listen Audio   ...

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Punjabi -The Link Between Generations

  Welcome to my very first blog! The idea of starting this venture blossomed from my own experiences in trying to teach my daughter the Punjabi language while living in a western culture. When I began looking for materials and resources for her to learn, I found...

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