October 7, 2015 Not So Terrible Two – Punjabi Linguist


I was so taken aback by my robust little 2 year old nephew’s visit the other day. Diaper clad, he slowly hobbled up the stairs. As he reached the top, he placed his hands properly in a prayer position, and greeted the whole family with a very enthusiastic Sat Sri Akal Ji! Taking the affectionate laughter of the elders as encouragement, he repeated his greeting again. Once more, I saw an example of the importance of teaching Punjabi at a very young age. He did not have the inhibited or self-conscious attitude that many of us develop as adults. I only saw bubbling motivation and excitement. He easily blended into his new environment and started socializing in Punjabi at his 2 year old level. This small interaction in Punjabi broke the ice and uplifted the guests who continued to encourage him and cheer him on. It really does take a village!


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