Punjabi Classes

Sat Sri Akal!

I am pleased to be offering specialized Punjabi classes for children aged 4 to 12. Class size is purposely kept small so that children benefit from both interactive group exercises and one-on-one instruction. Enrolment is limited to a maximum of 10 students in 6 week segments once per week.

I am extremely excited to teach Punjabi to the coming generations. These classes will involve a combination of experiential and academic sessions including fun games, cultural teachings, and spirited songs to strengthen language retention.

As Punjabi Teacher believes in full-immersion principles for language instruction and retention, for your child to fully benefit from the classes, it will be mandatory for parents to be full participants at home helping with homework (including written and spoken components).

2 hours of daily conversational Punjabi at home will be required with tracking log signed by parent/grandparent or other Punjabi speaking caregiver and child. We encourage a collaborative approach to help your child succeed in this language learning journey.