October 7, 2015 Punjabi Prompts Promise

“Mom, can we please stop off and get something to eat?” says my daughter after her ballet class.
In the plastic world we live in, of course I have minimal cash. We decide to stop off at the next bank machine to withdraw some money. Can I please press the buttons? Please? please? pretty pleeeeeeease? Oh well,what the heck? I think to myself. I decide to put my innovative Punjabiteacher hat on and decide to give her a Punjabi lesson there on the spot. I proceed with entering my PIN code and let her take over, with a promise that she would use the Punjabi prompts to withdraw the cash. She hesitated at first and then started giggling as she went through each prompt successfully. I see the pride and sense of accomplishment in her demeanor as she completes the transaction. Way to go, I say. Good Job!

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