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About Me

Raj is an inspiration to others in supporting and making a difference in our communities locally and globally.  Her passion for Punjabi Teacher began after her daughter was born. Knowing that it would be a challenge teaching her daughter Punjabi with her father predominately speaking English and having limited exposure to the Punjabi language, Raj began to find creative ways to teach Punjabi to her youngster

Linking and empowering generations through their mother tongue to preserve and better understand Punjabi history, language and culture




Although based in the UK I ordered this wooden alphabet set from a company based in Canada as genuinely no one else does this! Even though Punjabi Teacher didn’t deliver to the UK they found a way to get the puzzle to me through a visiting relative – what amazing customer service! Payment was easy and I’m really pleased with the product. My 2.5 year old son can now say the 1st line of the Punjabi alphabet unprompted! Thank you everyone at Punjabi Teacher”

Jasmeet Kaur

I discovered the punjabiteacher.com website whilst searching for materials to help my son learn Punjabi. It’s very difficult to find fun ways to keep kids engaged and the material and resources on the website are great. I love the dry erase books – every kid learning Punjabi should have this book, to practice writing. Both my kids will be actively using them. Thank you for sending these books to the UK.

Chakraas Jewels

Raj is an amazing teacher who really connects with her students. She makes learning fun and my kids always look forward to Punjabi class. She makes Punjabi “cool” and her teaching methods go beyond conventional teaching. I cannot recommend this program enough!

Alysha T.

I will most definitely be working with Punjabi Teacher for a long time. The lessons are individualized to my goals and learning needs, and there is an atmosphere of “no pressure” that allows me not to feel shy or embarrassed while learning Punjabi as an adult.

Gurkamal B.

Punjabi Teacher takes a progressive approach to their teaching technique, creating a fun and friendly learning environment. Raj is patient, understanding and passionate about Punjabi language and culture. If you would like to learn Punjabi or know someone who would, Raj will not only teach you everything you need to know, but will also create a safe, nurturing and encouraging space for you.

Dr. Sangha

Raj is a wonderful teacher. My children have really enjoyed her teaching style and look forward to every lesson. Thank you Raj

Jadyn J.

Hands down one of the best teachers I have ever had! Super helpful, incredibly understanding, and extremely knowledgeable at teaching Punjabi. If you are new to learning Punjabi or are experienced and want to learn more, I highly recommend this teacher.

Neetu D.

I have personally had lessons with Raj and she truly cares for her students’ learning needs! I, having studied Punjabi from elementary school to high school with many different teachers, can confidently say that Raj has been the best Punjabi teacher by far. I have retained far more, understood more, and appreciated more of what she has taught me than any other teacher. She goes the extra mile to help you! I needed help studying for a Punjabi proficiency test and she catered her teaching to help me reach that goal. I highly recommend Raj to anyone looking to learn Punjabi at any level.

Kieran T.

Raj is a truly amazing teacher. She is very invested in teaching the beautiful language. Her lessons fit the caliber of the student whether the student is new or experienced, the lessons are tailor-made for the student , as well as how the student learns, through visual slideshows, verbal conversations, verbal quizzes and written letters of the alphabet or sentences. On top of her teaching she is a truly kindhearted person who always has a smile on her face regardless what kind of day it is, eager to teach and transfer her knowledge of the language into the student. Once again, Raj is a truly amazing teacher.


I cannot even begin to express how delighted I am with Raj’s Punjabi teaching. My son, after only 10 classes, is speaking to his Nanniji and Nannaji regularly on the phone in Punjabi. This gives them so much happiness and he is learning so much about his culture and his heritage. I did a lot of research and spoke to a number of teachers before choosing Raj. When I spoke with her it was clear that she was organized, had a methodology, helped to set goals and was very invested in her students and her teaching. My whole family is benefitting from my son’s ability to communicate in Punjabi. I highly, highly recommend Raj. I am grateful for the effort and skill she brings to the classes. My son loves studying with her.

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