Meet Raj

Born in a small village in the state of Punjab in the vast and mystical country of India, Raj traveled to Canada at the age of 3 and began her life as a Canadian.

Raised in Vancouver and happily married with a beautiful twenty-one year-old daughter, Raj is an inspiration to others in supporting and making a difference in our communities locally and globally. Her philanthropic activities include feeding the homeless in Downtown Vancouver and sitting on the board of a local youth centre.

Almost half of Raj’s life has been spent working in the corporate world.  She is a dynamic and inspirational individual who is just as comfortable leading as she is being a team player.  Raj is a facilitator of the learning program, PunjabiTeacher being her most recognized accomplishment.  Her passion for PunjabiTeacher began after her daughter was born. Knowing that it would be a challenge teaching her daughter Punjabi with her father predominately speaking English and having limited exposure to the Punjabi language, Raj began to find creative ways to teach Punjabi to her youngster. She saw firsthand the potential a child has; and how empowering learning a language can be for both child and a parent. Many other first-generation parents began to approach her and started asking her for advice and resources after they saw the results of her daughter being fluently bilingual. Raj discovered there was a great need for products and services for parents just like her.  She began her search to source and develop Punjabi products and courses.   However, her role as teacher and mentor started many years before in the recreation room of a family friend’s house teaching Punjabi language and sharing cultural practices and stories with the children.  What started as a small class of 10 kids ranging in age from 5 to 15 has grown and blossomed, and is continuing to grow as Raj realizes her ultimate vision. As a Punjabi language teacher, seeing the confidence blossom in a student from having a sense of connection, is one of the most gratifying experiences.

Raj has a natural rapport with people.  She is an effective communicator and a good listener exuding her natural characteristics of being gentle, kind, patient, and compassionate.   Through working with people of all ages and backgrounds, her passion lies with empowering students reach their potential and realize their dreams, particularly in learning Punjabi. Few things are more endearing than seeing today’s youth being able to converse with grandparents and having the confidence to communicate with others within the Punjabi communities.

For more details and to book an appointment with Raj, please contact her at 604-787-6165 or via email at