Guru Amar Das


Sixty years had passed, but Baba Amar Das still searched for God’s love and compassion. Numerous religious pilgrimages could not satiate his longing for spiritual peace. However, one fateful day, he found solace in the hymns of the Sikh Gurus. Influenced by the truth and wisdom of their divine words, he reached Khadur and submitted himself to the service of Guru Angad Dev



Twelve years passed, and despite his advanced age, Baba Amar Das selflessly served Guru Angad Dev and the sangat of Khadur. The divine light was passed to him in 1552, and he became the third Sikh Guru. He set up a Sikh religious center in the city of Goindwal. Guru Amar Das firmly believed in the principle of human equality, and ordered the construction of a stepwell, or baoli in Goindwal. All castes were welcome to fetch water from the same stepwell.

Guru Amar Das publicly renounced the rigid Hindu religious practices. He gradually redefined many customs and ceremonies according to the Sikh faith. Kirtan, the singing of Gurbani, accompanied all major events and occasions. Women were encouraged to fight against prejudices and break free from the bonds of oppression. Guru Amar Das selected the site for the building of the Sikh holy shrine, the Golden Temple. The responsibility for its construction was given to his devout follower and son-in-law, Bhai Jetha

Several pious Sikh men and women were appointed as Manjis, or religious preachers by Guru Amar Das. They propagated the Sikh teachings, and were a connection between the Guru and his sangat. Guru Amar Das composed 874 hymns that were incorporated into the Sri Guru Granth Sahib. He remained the Sikh Guru till 1574, and led the Sikhs for 22 years.