Guru Nanak Vol 2


This is the second volume in a series of four books. It covers majority of Guru Nanak’s first udasi, or extended travel, to eastern parts of India.



Some of the episodes in this book:

– Guru Nanak reappears from the Bein River and declares that there is no Hindu or Muslim but all are humans and children of the One God.
– Nawab Daulat Khan summons Guru Nanak. Guru Sahib tells the Nawab and the Qazi how to be a true Muslim.
– Guru Nanak declares that he is leaving on a divine mission to spread God’s word and to sing in His glory.
– Guru Nanak visits Bhai Lalo at Saidpur. He refuses to eat at Diwan Malik Bhago’s feast because his food is tainted with blood of innocents.
– Guru Nanak visits Sheikh Sajjan, a thug, at Tulumba. The Sheikh tries to kill Guru Nanak. Guru Sahib puts the Sheikh on the path to salvation.
– Guru Nanak visits Haridwar and throws water towards his fields instead of at the rising sun. He enlightens the pilgrims about the futility of empty rituals.