At one of B.C.’s most popular malls, I was standing on a descending escalator when I saw two youngsters completely engrossed in a game of tag. They were darting back and forth in front of the escalator at full speed. As I neared the bottom step, one of them shot past me almost knocking me over. The older of the two looked to be about 6 years old. He slowed down from chasing his brother and as he came closer to me, he made direct eye contact with me saying, ‘Excuse us, I’m sorry about that – my brother is only four years old and doesn’t always watch where he is going.’ I was delightfully dumbfounded! I wanted to scoop this boy up and shower him with hugs and kisses but luckily thought better of composing myself. I smiled and replied, ‘it’s quite alright, thank YOU for acknowledging me.’

It was heartwarming to see such stellar qualities in this kid. He was aware and present enough to consider someone else even amidst all the fun he was having. Pretty unusual for an adult let alone a six year old!!!! Kudos to the parents and Kudos to this amazing Kid. He made my day!

I personally believe that civility brings cohesion, harmony, strength and respect amongst societies. It is a necessary trait for every human to learn in the early years. What does your child do that makes you smile? Go on and share your proud moments and brag on!