Bhagat Ravi Das


As the sun dispels darkness, the birth of a cobbler boy would eliminate the darkness of inequality. He was destined to become a great spiritual guru. Bhagat Ravi Das was born in Benaras in 1399, and raised in a poor cobbler family. Unlike other children his age, he preferred isolation and remained immersed in prayer. Honest, hardworking and obedient by nature, he matured into an excellent cobbler. Yet he always chanted ‘Ram Naam’ with earnest devotion.



The Bhagat composed soul stirring shabads that professed the importance of faith in Almighty God, and the joy of surrendering to His divine will.
Followers from all castes flocked to his congregations, seeking spiritual solace and redemption. The Brahmin priests of Benaras were jealous of this cobbler saint’s rising popularity. Numerous attempts were made to belittle Bhagat Ravi Das, but his saintliness always reflected God’s holy light. The Bhagat traveled extensively and preached God’s word. He worked hard to improve the plight of the lesser fortunate. Hundreds of thousands were benefitted by his love, support and kindness.
Bhagat Ravi Das’s work was not limited by the boundaries of caste and social status. In fact, his faith in God and love for humanity were limitless.